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84308-53010 Aftermarket Clock Spring to fit Lexus GS Series


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New aftermarket clock spring part number 84308-53010 without steering angle sensor to fit some Lexus vehicles.

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New aftermarket clock spring part number 84308-53010 without steering angle sensor to fit some Lexus vehicles.

Fits some GS series models manufactured from the years 2012 onwards.

Note: only the clock spring is supplied. If your vehicle is fitted with a steering angle sensor will need to be removed and fitted to the replacement clock spring.

A clock spring is used to connect the steering wheel to other electrical devices such as the airbag safety system, radio volume and station selections, horn and cruise controls. A clock spring can become faulty when wires become worn and break causing a short or open circuit. The horn, radio controls and cruise controls can stop working and the airbag warning light to come on as well.

Since the clock spring is responsible for two safety devices including the horn and airbag safety system, it is highly advised to replace a faulty clock spring with a new unit as soon as possible.

Part Numbers

Please double-check the vehicle’s original clock spring part number before purchasing this part. If you are not sure if this is the correct part, you can confirm by using this link.

Enter the VIN number and then go to → 4. Electrical → 84-01: Switch & relay & computer → Steering. The clock spring is listed as → cable sub-assy spiral.

If you are unable to find the clock spring part number, please message us with the vehicle’s 17 digits VIN and we will confirm.

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

Model Dates: Matching Models: Model Options:

10/2015- AWL10L-BEXQH GEN, LHD, 2ARFSE, CVT 84-01 84-01
09/2013-09/2015 AWL10R-BEXQH GEN, RHD, 2ARFSE, CVT 84-01 84-01
10/2015-07/2019 AWL10R-BEXQHQ ARL, RHD, 2ARFSE, CVT 84-01 84-01
09/2013-09/2015 GRL10L-BEZQH GEN, LHD, 2GRFSE, ATM, 8FC 84-01
09/2013-09/2015 GRL10L-BEZQHV GCC, LHD, 2GRFSE, ATM, 8FC 84-01
09/2013-09/2015 GRL10R-BEZQH GEN, RHD, 2GRFSE, ATM, 8FC 84-01
09/2013-09/2015 GRL10R-BEZQHQ ARL, RHD, 2GRFSE, ATM, 8FC 84-01
01/2012-09/2015 GRL11L-BETQH GEN, LHD, 4GRFSE, ATM, 6FC 84-01
01/2012-09/2015 GRL11L-BETQHV GCC, LHD, 4GRFSE, ATM, 6FC 84-01
01/2012-09/2015 GRL11R-BETQH GEN, RHD, 4GRFSE, ATM, 6FC 84-01
01/2012-09/2015 GRL11R-BETQHQ ARL, RHD, 4GRFSE, ATM, 6FC 84-01
01/2012-09/2015 GRL15L-BETQH GEN, LHD, 2GRFSE, ATM, 6FC 84-01
03/2012-09/2015 GWL10L-BEXQB GEN, LHD, 2GRFXE, CVT 84-01 84-01
10/2015- GWL10L-BEXQBV GCC, LHD, 2GRFXE, CVT 84-01 84-01
10/2015- GWL10R-BEXQB GEN, RHD, 2GRFXE, CVT 84-01 84-01
03/2012-09/2015 GWL10R-BEXQBQ ARL, RHD, 2GRFXE, CVT 84-01 84-01

10/2015- URL10L-FEZRH GEN, 2URGSE, ATM, 8FC 84-01
10/2015- URL10L-FEZRHV GCC, 2URGSE, ATM, 8FC 84-01
10/2015- URL10R-FEZRHQ ARL, 2URGSE, ATM, 8FC 84-01


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