Automotive Clock Spring Replacement

Warranty Information

Products purchased from Clocksprings Australia are supplied with a warranty.

The warranty guarantees the product you purchased against defects for a period of 12-months from the date ordered.

Please contact us if you believe the product has failed under warranty. Remember to include you full name and order number.

Additional information may also be requested such as the delivery address, email address and phone number. Should you not be able to provide the correct details, a bank or PayPal statement may be requested to process your claim.

Although we can offer advice with minor technical issues, the product will need to be sent back to us for assessment before determining any warranty claim.

If during the warranty assessment, the product is found to be defective Clocksprings Australia will supply a replacement. If the original product is no longer available, a similar product may be offered.

Faults or defects caused by product modification, misuse and abuse, normal wear and tear or failure to follow user instructions are not covered under warranty.

For your safety and to validate the warranty, the product will require installation by a qualified auto electrician or vehicle technician.

A copy of the installation invoice issued by the auto electrician will be required by us before processing any warranty claim.

Please note that the 12-month warranty does not cover any expenses relating to the fitment or removal of the product from the vehicle. Clocksprings Australia does not reimburse any labour charges, extra fees or additional costs in regards to the installation and removal or parts.