Automotive Clock Spring Replacement

Fitting a Clock Spring

Although the vehicles manufacturer’s instructions for fitting a clock spring may vary depending on the make and model, the following information may be helpful.

Fitting a clock spring is not a difficult task but consider that it might be easier to have the help of a qualified Auto Electrician.

Once the clock spring has been replaced, you may need to clear the codes from the airbag module if your SRS/airbag was on.

Clock Spring Installation Points

For safety precautions its best to wait for 5 minutes after disconnecting the battery before removing airbag system components.

Fitting a Clock Spring

Removing the Steering Angle Sensor

In somes cases, the steering angle sensor will need to be removed when fitting a new clock spring.

The steering angle sensor is usually attached to the clock spring by two mounting points and a series of clips. These clips can be undone using a small flat bladed screwdriver or similar.

Once removed it can be attached to the new clock spring.

Steering Angle Sensor for Hyundai / Kia

Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

If the traction control light turns on you may need to recalibrate the steering angle sensor calibration. This can be done with an OBD2 scanner.