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Airbag Clockspring to fit Hyundai iLoad / iMax


Note: Vehicle stated is based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Please double check your vehicles clockspring part number before purchasing.

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New genuine OEM airbag clockspring part number 93490-4H901 Airbag Clockspring to fit Hyundai iLoad / iMax.

Fits years 2007 – 2014.

3-year warranty.

Free shipping across Australia.

About the product

An airbag clockspring is used to connect the steering wheel to other electrical devices such as the airbag safety system, radio volume and station selections, horn and cruise controls.

A clockspring can become faulty when wires become worn and break causing a short or open circuit. If repairs are being done which involve the removal of the steering wheel and the clockspring internal wires are over extending it can cause the clockspring to become faulty.

A faulty clockspring can cause the airbag warning light to come on. Horn, radio controls and cruise controls can also stop as well. In some cases, a faulty clockspring can also intermittently blow fuses as the car is driven.

Is the vehicle safe to drive?

Since the clock spring is responsible for two safety devices including the horn and airbag safety system, it is highly advised to replace a faulty clockspring with a new unit as soon as possible.

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